Mira 5
Nastasia 2 by Victoria Unreserved
Vintage Collection 7
Nalla 1 overwrought Max Asolo
Jenni 5 by Leon
Kataly 1 by Paramonov
Yaro 2 overwrought Max Asolo
Camomile by Indra
Svanhild 5 off out of one's mind Zara
Valeni 2 by Alexey Nestruev
Tierra 2 by David Michaels
Kate-R 8 by Bredon
Eva 4
Saksa 1 by Paramonov
Deserea 8 by Jon Barry
March 8 Peppery 1 by Mikhail Paramonov
Edwige 1 by Slastyonoff
Tatya 3 by Henry Sharpe
Anamika 4 by Paramonov
Kathy 9 apart from Rustam Koblev
Alisana 3 by Aleksandra Almazova
Svetlana 2 at the end of one's tether Victor Melnik
Sascha 13 by Max Stan
Dominica-J 1 wits Charles Hollander
Angeli 5 hard by David Michaels
Angeli 3 wide of David Michaels
Aria-R 5 by Kevin Roberts
Linnda 3 by Maxine Moore
Sativa 7 by Jon Barry
Deserea 9 by Jon Barry
DiAnn 2 by Almazova
Ira 6 away from Chepurnoy
Martisha 9 off out of one's mind Maxine Moore
Evabelle 5 at the end of one's tether Alan Anar
Soo 5 away from Studios
Mashana 2 away from Mikhail Paramonov
Veronikka 3 by Charles Hollander
Tusia 3 by Anton Volkov
Annabel 2 unconnected with Lobanov
Rita 2 by Mikhail Paramonov
Juliet 15 by Alan Anar
Naree 4 by Alexa Star
Blondie 3 off out of one's mind Max Asolo
Svajone 1 wide of Max Asolo
Iriska 2 by Aleksandra Almazova
Ginger-A 3
Svetee 2 by Henry Sharpe
Mari-Ann 5 by Viktoria Sunlight
Olin 3 overwrought Maxine Moore
Allicia 2 by Aztek
Tierra 3 by David Michaels
Milena 1 away from Maxine Moore
Diann 3 by Maxine Moore
Sativa 13 by Jon Barry
Martisha 6 at the end of one's tether Aleksandra Almazova
Assoly 4 by Aleksa Bask
Kate-R 10 by Bredon
Maryana 5 by Alan Anar
Sanya 1 by Maxine Moore
Ekatna 4 by Indra
Petera 3 by Leon
Hellan 4 by Vitaliy Gorbonos
Gisela 2 by Viktoria Full knowledge
Oli 4 off out of one's mind Viktoria Sunshine
Vilia 9 by Max Asolo
Sarka 3 apart from C. Hollander
Donna Ewin 4 by Allan Sass
Gysera 2 by Natalya Shved
Vinona 4 by Vadim Rigin
Agnes 8 at the end of one's tether Charles Hollander
Blondie 4 by Rafael Novak
Ekatna 3 by Indra
Juliann 1 off out of one's mind Hearty Wright
Anngelina 1 by Henry Sharpe
Julia-F 2 off out of one's mind Serg Shalimov
Isa unconnected with Free Mien Studios
Tanka 1 off out of one's mind Henry Sharpe
Marlene 6 by Philippe Carly
Ellyn 4 by Anna Matavovsky
Sascha 12 unconnected with Max Stan
Assoly 3 by Aztek
Bella 1 by Slastyonoff
Vitalia 2 by Alice Llamar
Hellan 3
Vera 9 by Pavel Sindler
Liliya 10 by Max Stan
Viveka 5 by Max Asolo
Simona 4 off out of one's mind Vadim Rigin
Clelia 4 by Philippe Carly
Jenni 4 hard by Leon
Angelinn 2 by Joe Geary
Anouchka 1 by Viktoria Sun
Stella 1 wide of Dave Preston
Kat-O by Aleksandr Petek
Viveka 6 by Asolo
Karra by V. Bragin
Nastusia 2 by Zara
Konstansia 4 by Vlad Egorov
Naya 2
Nikola 1 by Charles Hollander
Vera 8 by Pavel Sindler
Manga 2 wits Aleksandra Almazova
Ingret 1 by Aleksa Old Sol
Tanna 3 apart from Mikhail Paramonov
Katoa 2 by Paramonov
Oldora 2 by Alex Lobanov
July 31 Stena 1 at the end of one's tether Galio
July 18 Sativa 8 unconnected with Jon Barry
Mascha 15 away from Mikhail Paramonov
Aria-R 6 unconnected with Kevin Roberts
Mariah 11 wide of Rustam Koblev
Naomita 1 apart from Aleska Bask
Tanga 6 at the end of one's tether Yuriy Bondarenko
Katoa 3 away from Paramonov
Alexis 1 wide of Dave Preston
Marya 1 by Henry Sharpe
Vikky 4 by Novelist
Landis 1 by Alex Nestruev
Malisha 5 by Aztek
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